Quality & Opex

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We think process and quality is cool

It’s not about the process of process but about using process to make your organisation work better and deliver value for you and your customers.

We have (literally) written the book on ‘Total Quality Management’, ‘Lean in Construction’ and ‘Statistical Process Control’.

The next wave of process improvement happens at the intersection of data, process and governance taking the best of the old with the potential of the new.

Data exploration always needs to be done in the context of your business – facts mean little in isolation and insights require a grounded view of how things work.  We combine our capabilities to ensure we understand your organisation, provide insightful analysis, and have a clear plan as to how it will be deployed back in the operation.

How we do it

  • Breadth of industry experience
  • Network of experts
  • Disciplined but not dogmatic
  • Genuine quality and process professionals
  • Proven transformational business results

Quality & Opex Case Studies

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An International Services Company

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