Minimum Viable Product Development

Faster delivery of your most important capabilities to gather meaningful insights.

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Data has completely transformed how businesses structure themselves. Research agency, Gartner, predict that by the end of 2019, 90% of large organisations will have hired a CDO. Perhaps more surprising is their prediction that only 50% of these appointments will be deemed a success.

There are many possible causes of failure, and you may recognise them in your business:
  • Have you bought a tool that promised to deliver what you need but proved to be too complex to use?
  • Do you have some great models in place but can’t get the business to use them?
  • Are you being held back by poor data quality?
  • Are you finding it difficult to secure the resource needed to get the right people to solve your problem?
    Do you need to build something quickly to help the business understand that your current suppliers lack the tooling expertise required?
  • Is there a need for specialist help with your architecture, data engineering or analytics?

Do any of these challenges sound familiar? If so, our Data Analytics Minimum Viable Product offering quickly identifies the value held within your data then delivers a solution that sets you on your way to realising its potential.


What our Data Analytics Minimum Viable Product development looks at

Our agile process focusses on delivering the right tool for the job. To do this we explore the following questions:

  • How do we plan for change? We take a pragmatic approach which reflects the fact that requirements can shift as what’s achievable becomes clearer.
  • How do we balance user and business needs? We keep your core user front of mind, but ensure our solution is also fully compatible with your processes.
  • What level of integration is required? Once we know this, we can deliver a solution that integrates with your current tech stack and works with existing suppliers.
  • What reassurances do you need from your data? We help build trust in your data, which comes from you being able to extract the maximum insight from it.


The features of our approach
  • Progressive engineering of your data in a way that quickly demonstrates value and builds confidence across the business.
  • We work with you to iteratively define what’s needed and build rapid prototypes for testing.
  • Our work is built and delivered by experts who know the tools and technology, talk the language and understand how large complex organisations operate to ensure successful deployment.
  • We bring full technology stack capabilities to the table. This means we can work with everything from your existing enterprise systems through to the latest cloud-based tools.
  • We’re technology-stack agnostic, so we’re free to take an objective view without feeling the need to sell a specific vendor or ‘silver bullet’
  • Our agile mindset helps us tackle ambiguity in the scope and move forward in a way where we shape the direction together. This flexibility also helps us work with moving agile budgets.
  • We’re not a traditional IT house. We’re small and agile and don’t align ourselves with the normal ‘dev’ pipeline.


The benefits to your business

You get to solve one of the most critical challenges facing your business today using a proven, robust analytical process and the latest in data science. And once our MVP model has been developed – and integrated into your production environments where required – you take over full control.

There’s also the value of injecting momentum into your organisation. This comes from moving your business forward at speed by focusing your investment in products and on managing profit and loss, instead of just being responsible for driving D&A projects and programmes.


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