Data Strategy Review

Balancing management objectives with the practicalities of making it happen.

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Great companies have a seamlessly integrated business, IT and data strategy that engages their people in a single vision for the future. However, successfully combining these elements is complex and you may have first-hand experience of how things can fall down.

  • Has your data strategy stalled or failed to deliver the impact and speed you want?
  • Is there the desire to develop a data strategy but confusion around where to start?
  • Are you unclear what the future should look like in terms of design, scalability and ownership?
  • Do you have an approach but are unsure of the most effective way to deliver it?
  • Is there a disconnect between your data strategy and the overall business vision?
  • Are you keen to learn from other ‘best practice’ data strategies?

With our business-led Data Strategy Review we bring an independent view to the challenge of best linking your data and processes with your business goals.


What our Data Strategy Review looks at

Over four weeks we’ll work to create an actionable data strategy that’s perfectly aligned with your business operations and goals, by tackling three key questions:

  • What is required? We clearly identify what your data strategy must deliver from a business perspective.
  • What are the key areas of focus? We work to understand what’s required to quickly build momentum and engage stakeholders behind your future vision.
  • What is the strategy and roadmap? We develop a fully implementable data strategy for your business and outline the steps to delivering it.

The best data strategies capture the ‘management intent’ and convert this into an actionable roadmap that aligns with the rest of the business. That’s what our review delivers. While technical skills and tools are important, we ensure they support not lead the solution.


The features of our approach
  • A relentless focus on linking your data strategy with the vision of your business.
  • Tactical steps to quickly add value by swiftly moving from concept to an actionable strategy.
  • A structured approach to identifying the right choices and best solutions for your business.
  • A combination of business pragmatism with deep data knowledge and experience.
  • An objective and independent view which cuts through all levels of the business and is fully technology-stack agnostic.
  • Small investment and quick returns, making it a low-risk approach.


The benefits to your business

Only when you have a clear data strategy that’s aligned with all your core business goals and is practical to implement, can you fully engage key stakeholders behind a clear vision of the future? We help make this possible.

Our Data Strategy Review shows you what best data practice looks like and provides the impetus your business needs to act now and begin realising the true potential of your data.


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