Rapid Data Maturity Assessment

Don’t give in to the hype – get a practical, business-led assessment of your data maturity

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85% of data projects end in failure according to research from Gartner

More and more businesses are waking up to the benefits of increased data maturity. Everyone is looking for the reassurance of knowing they’re using the right high-quality data, at the right time to make smart decisions and best serve their customers. But many barriers can stop you from achieving this.

  • Is your boardroom divided over the value and ownership of your data?
    Are you struggling to make the case for change?
  • Have you tried several data initiatives, none of which have been successfully co-ordinated?
    Do you need help cutting through the fog to clarify the task at hand?
  • Are you struggling to know where to start and which business issue to tackle first?
  • Is a lack of knowledge stopping you from using your data effectively?

If any of these issues sound familiar, our Rapid Data Maturity Assessment can bring an independent view to your data and reinvigorate you to do more with it and transform your business.


What our Data Maturity Assessment looks at

Each assessment follows an agreed prioritised plan of action to tackle three main areas:

Where you are now. We assess the maturity and appropriateness of your current data management effort. This includes identifying any immediate risks or opportunities

Where you need to be. We build clear short, medium and long-term goals by laying out the case for change and the expected benefits.

How you’ll get there. We develop a pragmatic plan of future steps which are prioritised to quickly build momentum and deliver the desired benefits.

Throughout the process, we’ll help you develop a community to drive your plan forward. The best data management approaches capture the ‘management intent’ and communicate this through the business using real-world policy and structures. Stakeholder support is key to the success of this.


The features of our approach
  • Rapid evidence-based assessment using the best of breed approach (DAMA, Gartner, IBM), developed and proven over 20 years of global deployment.
  • Multi-pronged deployment using surveys, interviews, observation, deep-dive sampling and process walkthroughs to bring the issues ‘to life’.
  • Experienced business assessors – we’re not routine auditors or box tickers.
  • An objective and independent view which not only cuts through all levels of your business from the shop floor to the boardroom but is technology-stack agnostic.
  • Action planning workshops to agree on areas of criticality, options and trade-offs in a way that ensures you get ‘the biggest bang for your buck’.


The benefits to your business

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll have a prioritised, actionable plan so you can focus on the right areas of your data at the right time. It’s a roadmap to making efficient use of your resources so you get maximum return on your investment.

If you’ve faced challenges around aligning the business behind a data strategy or approach, we also help get to the heart of the issues, focus attention and create the compelling case for real change.


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