Data-led Architecture Design

Progressive architecture build that quickly demonstrates value and confidence.

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Data can be your most valuable commodity when presented in a way where you can access and realise its true potential. Your business, like many others, may have been application-led and these applications often determine the locations and structure of your data, which presents barriers to realising its full value.

  • Do you have high-quality data locked in applications, legacy systems or silos?
  • Is your data structuring and formatted in a way that’s preventing you using it how you’d like to?
  • Do you need help to make sense of a mixed economy of architecture – cloud Vs on-prem, old school Vs new tools?
  • Is a lack of in-house skills preventing you from design a ‘modern data solution’?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the options available and need guidance to understand the best approach to take?

Our Data-led Architecture Design solution unpicks and rebuilds your data architecture to meet your business needs. And because we’re vendor-neutral, we don’t sell you what you don’t need. You always get a cost-effective solution that builds on what you have rather than burdening you with the expense of starting from scratch.


What our Data-led Architecture Design process looks at:

We follow a proven programme of activity to create a bespoke, actionable solution for your business. We deliver this through:

An agreed architecture design that:

  • Meets your current and future data needs
  • Balances the use of cloud-based tooling and functionality with existing solutions you have in place
  • Allows you to progressively build through MVPs – start small at low-risk and quickly build with confidence
  • An incremental deployment plan that works for your business


The features of our approach:
  • A practical and pragmatic solution designed by people who are hands-on with the tools and systems you use, and who understand how to get the most from them
  • Our holistic view means we put your processes, people and governance on a par with your tech in terms of importance. Only then can we create a solution that sits at the heart of your business and works in the real world
  • A progressive solution that lets you start small and iterate, adding value and building confidence as it grows
  • Our agile mindset helps us handle ambiguity in the scope and move forward in a way where we shape the direction together
  • We’re technology-stack agnostic. We take an objective view, so our architecture is designed across the full technology stack


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