Data Exploration Workshop

Identify where data analytics can start making a difference in your business today

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Every business has huge amounts of data at its disposal, but the task is extracting maximum value from it. When you see the potential of data analytics it’s tempting to jump into expensive, time-consuming activity that doesn’t always deliver the results you’d hoped for. We know the pain points are varied, but the solutions exist.

  • Do you want to make better use of your data but don’t know where to begin, or have been frustrated by poor results or false starts?
    Are operational issues making it difficult to deliver the demand for action?
  • Are you finding it hard to demonstrate the value of data to your business?
  • Is it proving difficult to prioritise your many ideas and form a structured approach?


Our Data Exploration Workshop brings focus and clarity to all these challenges. We’ll help you start small through real-world actions to bridge the imagination gap between the limitless possibilities of data and the goal of making a real difference to your business today.


What our Data Exploration Workshop looks at:

This is an intensive one-day workshop designed to deliver actionable outcomes in the form of 2-3 use cases. To do this we explore the following:

  1. The priority areas where data analytics will help. These are often existing pain points or operational processes and activities with inefficiencies, such as manual processing.
  2. The data available to solve the problem or unlock the opportunity. This is typically a mix of structured and unstructured data, numerous spreadsheets or paper records. Understanding this helps us to scope what can be achieved
  3. A high-level plan for delivery. We develop a roadmap for implementing a series of pragmatic, ‘quick-win’ projects designed to quickly drive value from your data which can include improving your forecasting accuracy, behavioural modelling or process optimisation and “twinning.”


The features of our approach
  • An intensive workshop where we create an immersive environment that delivers dynamic, focused outputs.
  • A holistic view that combines process, people and data to refine solutions of real value.
  • We work under NDA. Full disclosure is encouraged knowing that nothing goes beyond the four walls of the workshop.
  • We involve a wide cross-section of people. There’s no better way to get buy-in from across the business than by including tech and non-tech people in the process.
  • A complete reversal of the dark data exploration approach where full transparency is embraced.


The benefits to your business

In a word, speed. Our workshop is the catalyst for immediate action as you’ll leave the session with practical use cases that you can implement straight away. You get clarity and understanding of what’s possible within your current data set, and a clear route forward for how data analytics can make a pragmatic difference to your operations.

The workshop provides the perfect platform to bring your data and operational teams together. This creates a sense of shared ownership which is crucial when it comes to putting new approaches into practice.

And the one-day session is not only a low-risk and low-investment way to get started, but it gives you a flavour of what we do at Oakland and how we can add further value to your business data in the future.


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