Join our data strategy workshop

24th September 2019
Is your data strategy aligned to your business strategy?

86% of senior executives agree than eliminating organisational silos is critical to expanding the use of data and analytics in decision making.

(Google Research)

Leading companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Netflix use data is almost every business decision. Most of these organisations have eliminated internal silo’s and are reaping the rewards of sharing data across the business.


Why attend our data strategy workshop?

The first of our Data Strategy Workshops are lead by The Oakland Groups Andy Crossley and Samir Sharma from Datazuum and is aimed at business managers and decision-makers and will teach how to create a winning data strategy aligned with the business strategy enabling you to make smarter business decisions.


The key areas we’ll cover are:

  • Creating a vision which describes the role of data as a true business asset.
  • Assessing where you are now in terms of your existing Data Management capabilities.
  • Mapping out what business questions you need answered to measure and track your business outcomes.
  • Develop a data and analytics roadmap that supports your corporate vision.
  • Understanding how data literacy affects your organisations ability to work with data.
  • Using your data strategy to support advances such as machine learning.


At the end of the day you’ll leave knowing:

  • How to develop a successful strategy for data management.
  • Understand how to use data to create more efficient operations.
  • Develop a data and analytics roadmap that supports your organisations data vision.
  • Understand how to deliver successful data programmes.
  • Get insights into building a data platform that fits in with your business.
  • Learn why data literacy is important to the building of your data informed culture.
  • Network with your peers across different sectors and get insights into new approaches and business models.

This workshop will take place in Central London on October 29th. To book your place click the link below.