Intelligent Forecasting

Driving business improvement through advanced analytics and AI that provides unprecedented insight into your complex programmes.

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Our Intelligent Forecasting platform integrates and processes huge amounts of programme data to help you to quickly identify when things may go wrong before they happen.

Our Intelligent Forecasting platform helps you transition from being a reactive business to a proactive one. By integrating and processing huge amounts of your programme data, it can quickly identify things that may go wrong before they happen.

By knowing what’s coming, and the issues that could arise up to a year in advance, you can stay one step ahead and ensure compliance.

Through the development of a unique ‘4D’ Memory we can access your historic data. The ability to conduct evidence-based reviews of past performance gives you invaluable insight into the project management team running your infrastructure programmes. And the more you know, the better your future decision-making.

Here are just some of the benefits of Intelligent Forecasting:

  • See into the future. Intelligent forecasting is over 50% more effective than project managers at highlighting expensive failures up to 9 months out
  • Improve compliance and quality assurance across your entire portfolio
  • Get better, more responsive reporting
  • Enhance your existing project management technology and processes
  • Remove surprises, so you can better manage costs and schedules
  • Reduce the time spent reacting to frustrated stakeholders
  • Transform your reporting by moving away from spreadsheets to a single data-set 
  • It even works with poor quality data

Developed by our specialists in complex programmes. Intelligent Forecasting works across your core platforms and technologies. By bringing together deep knowledge of large programmes, how they run and how data can support you, the savings to your business could run into millions of pounds.

Intelligent Forecasting - Network Rail

View our case study on how we used Intelligent Forecasting to transform reporting for Network Rail Infrastructure Projects.

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