Data Strategy Consulting

Align your business and data strategy consulting to create a compelling roadmap for data-driven innovation and performance improvement.

Looking to deliver a compelling data strategy?

Your organisation has strategic goals that need to be achieved, but only if your data strategy and business strategy are fully aligned.

Whether you’re implementing a digital transformation, improving data analytics, or searching for a data-driven leap in performance – you need the right data driven strategy consulting to build a platform for business change.

A legacy of poorly conceived data strategies produces a silo-driven data landscape that results in wasted costs, poor operational performance and regulatory non-compliance, making it difficult to adapt to change, innovation and competitive threats.

Want to drive greater value from your data but need guidance on how to deliver a big data strategy to make it happen?

We can help.

At Oakland, we’ve helped some of the largest UK organisations align their business, IT and data objectives into one data strategy.

We collaborate with all levels of your organisation to build a unified big data strategy consulting that eliminates the silo approach to data management and gets everyone moving in the same direction.

Leveraging our 35 years of data and operations excellence, we work with you to build a data driven strategy focused on immediate value generation and sustainable business transformation.

Our data driven strategy consulting process starts with a Data Strategy Review

Over four weeks we’ll work to create an actionable data strategy that’s perfectly aligned with your business operations and goals, by tackling three key questions:

1. What is required?

We clearly identify what your big data strategy must deliver from a business perspective.

2. What are the key areas of focus?

We work to understand what’s required to quickly build momentum and engage stakeholders behind your future vision.

3. What is the strategy and roadmap?

We develop a fully implementable data driven strategy for your business and outline the steps to delivering it.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to learn more, simply arrange a call with one of our senior data strategy consultants or learn more about our Data Strategy Review service:

Data Strategy Review

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