Data Governance Consulting

Many organisations recognise that to fully exploit their data, they need to do more than invest in technology.

Building an appropriate data governance foundation is critical to technological innovation, but it is also vital for regulatory compliance, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and many other strategic drivers.

Your organisation needs to deliver a data governance consulting program that increases the integrity, understanding and accountability of its data, because the demand for better quality data have never been greater.

How do you create a foundation for data governance consulting?

Especially when it’s a new discipline within your organisation?

Conventional wisdom would have you start with an extensive (and expensive) data governance consulting program, complete with complex terminologies, tools and techniques that many in your organisation won’t recognise.

To remove the risk of a complex and far-reaching data governance program, we like to do the complete opposite. We keep things simple by building your foundation for data governance consulting through rapid, high-value data initiatives that deliver the benefits of data governance incrementally, locking in the key pillars of data governance with each successful project.

We call these projects ‘Data Governance Lighthouse Projects‘ because they help you shine a light on the incredible value that data governance consulting provides, using the one thing every stakeholder understands – positive business outcomes.

Our approach is to leverage our extensive data governance consulting and operational expertise to help guide you through the earliest phases of data governance until your team becomes competent and confident at implementing a compelling roadmap for change.

Think of it as ‘Data Governance by Stealth’ – but with a very visible chain of success to build increasing support from all tiers of your organisation.

Want to learn more?

We’ve produced a 25-page guide that gives you a behind-the-scenes insight into the ‘Data Governance Lighthouse Concept’ and how it helps you rapidly deploy a world-class data governance consulting capability.


And if you’re ready to speak with one of our data governance consulting experts about your current challenges and goals, contact us.

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