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Your link between business and data strategy enablement

Helping you reimagine your big data architecture to create a platform for sustained digital and business transformation.

Data architecture is the missing link between your business strategy and data strategy, providing the blueprint for your organisation’s transition from the status quo to an exciting future state.

As such, it’s a strategic enabler, providing the foundation for digital transformation and data excellence within your business.

At Oakland, we’ve spent the last 35 years helping many of the UK’s largest and most complex organisations re-think their data architecture to help shape the next chapter of their story.

Our integrated set of practices to help you deliver your data architecture

Due to our historical obsession with data design and innovation, we've been fortunate to build an integrated set of practices that collectively help you deliver a complete strategy for your big data architecture:

First up, our data strategy experts help to translate your business imperatives into a data roadmap for change. We look at your present data landscape and architecture, then help you reimagine your architecture through the lens of a desirable business shift, such as a merger/acquisition or a less dramatic change in the business model.

The data engineering and analytics team guide you on the latest data platforms and technologies, established cloud architectures, and other emerging innovations such as Data Mesh and Data Fabric, so your future data architecture fully embraces the next generation of data design.

The data governance and data quality team help to quickly understand the quality and integrity of your legacy data and its architecture. They provide accurate and timely insights that lead to informed decisions about any architectural improvements and transformations required.

Finally, our process and data quality experts help you craft a big data architecture with quality ‘baked in’. This ensures the causes of poor data quality, such as silos and outdated technologies, are stripped away to create highly optimised, data-driven processes that transform your operations and delight your customers.

Your data architecture should drive the next chapter of growth and change within your business, which is why it needs a blended, multi-disciplinary approach.

We believe that our unrivalled tenure and expertise make us a natural choice for designing and implementing a data architecture that demands the right combination of creativity, innovation and pragmatism.

Ready to get started?

To discuss your big data architecture challenge in confidence and explore how our novel approach can move you forward, please book a discovery call with one of our directors.


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