Data Strategy & Governance

Create a foundation for the next generation of data innovation within your organisation.

“We want to be data-driven”.

The Data Strategy and Data Governance Experts

Chances are you’ve heard this phrase before. But, of course, the challenge is translating desire into reality.

Many organisations have invested significant amounts of time and money to exploit their data assets but failed to achieve the results they hoped for.

To fully exploit your data, we believe there needs to be a clear and compelling data strategy coupled with an appropriate level of data governance.

Too often, organisations embark on scattered data initiatives without a broader, longer-term data strategy and roadmap for how each initiative will combine to drive positive business outcomes.

Data Strategy

We help you build a unified data strategy that eliminates the ‘silo’ approach to data management. We get you moving in a common direction that everyone understands and believes in.

Leveraging our 35 years of data and operational expertise, we work with you to build a data strategy rooted in rapid value generation and long-lasting business transformation.

But a compelling data strategy is not enough; you need assurance that the quality of your data can sustain the direction you’re heading.

Data Governance

Data governance ensures that you understand the precise location of your data, what it means, how it flows, who is accountable for it, and the data quality levels expected for operational and regulatory excellence.

With the necessary data governance controls, your data strategy is constructed on the correct foundation – a robust platform to withstand the constant pressures and demands of the modern data-driven enterprise.

However, we discovered that the ‘big bang’ approach of implementing a large-scale data governance program is fraught with risk and resistance.

Lighthouse Projects

At Oakland, we prefer to implement data governance incrementally, building layers of value and capability through the use of ‘Data Governance Lighthouse Projects’.

Each Lighthouse Project shines a light on the immense benefits delivered by data governance and other data related initiatives, helping to build sustained buy-in and support across the business.

Get our 25-page guide that gives practical advice on how to implement your own data governance program, by stealth, using the Lighthouse Concept.

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