Data Engineering

Increase your competitive strength and revenue growth through a modernised data pipeline and infrastructure strategy.

Modernised Data Engineering

Today, data engineering isn't just about building fast pipes that move lots of data around the business quickly. It's about rethinking your business model with data at its core, then designing data engineering solutions that give you a long-term platform for sustained growth.

We’re partnering with organisations who have been able to quickly scale and outcompete their rivals, all through a more progressive and modernised approach to data engineering.

But that doesn’t mean our approach is rushed, or short-sighted. Our typical client is tired of inheriting a legacy data infrastructure that needs to be constantly ripped up every five years.

Instead, we work with you to build the right platform for change, often by pulling in our data governance and data quality teams, or our operational performance and data strategy experts.

It’s this cross-functional capability that ensures that whatever data engineering mission we’re supporting, such as data science enablement with data lakes or data analytics platform, the final solution will stand the test of time and deliver on your strategic goals.

Working with the Oakland Data Engineering Team

Typically, we’ll witness legacy data engineering that has lagged behind the aspirations of the business and is no longer fit for purpose, or in some cases it’s a greenfield organisation with a blank canvas.

Whatever your starting point, our data engineering team has the expertise and experience to guide you through each phase of the data engineering journey.

Due to the depth of our expertise, we’re comfortable leading the project and helping you translate the art of the possible into a working design.

(If you’re searching for a low-budget team of pipeline developers, we’re probably not the right fit).

Oakland has been around for many years (35 in fact) so we’ve gained real insight into what’s possible with the latest advances in data engineering, and more importantly, what it takes to deliver a successful data initiative, particularly using modern Agile approaches.

All of our team have the right blend of ‘old and new’ technology expertise, helping you seamlessly transition from the legacy to the modern.

Yes, we’ve got the mandatory array of battle-hardened data scientists, data engineers, data analytics and cloud experts, but we blend our ‘big-tech’ pedigree with other resources, such as data governance, data quality and change management.

(And that’s before we’ve included our Agile project and program management experts!).

Importantly, we recognise that when you embark on a data engineering initiative, you don’t want to be locked into your implementation partner. You want a sense of pragmatism when changes and new adaptations become necessary.

You also don’t want to be blinded with science and left with a solution you can’t understand and struggle to maintain. At Oakland, we’re a transparent bunch, frequently sharing our approach through data science hackathons for example.

This openness spills over into our approach to delivering projects. It may be an over-used term, but we genuinely believe in a ‘one team’ approach. We relentlessly strive to include your teams in all aspects of the solution concept, design, delivery and assurance.

Talk to us

When you’re ready to take the next step, feel free to book a call with our Data Engineering practice director. They’ll discuss your data engineering challenge in detail and offer some advice on how to move forward.

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