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Moving to the cloud is no longer simply about exchanging your current IT landscape for cheaper infrastructure and simpler administration.

It’s about transforming the way you drive value to your customers.

When we work with organisations such as Income Analytics, Network Rail and Vodafone, the role of our cloud architecture team is to accelerate innovation and agility.

Helping you deliver better, faster, cheaper operational performance

Oakland combines deep cloud architecture and implementation expertise with more than three decades of unrivalled process and quality improvement experience.

This rare combination helps you reimagine your existing value chains and deliver a step-change in operational performance.

Income Analytics reported a 500% increase in client acquisition after Oakland helped them transition their outdated IT operations to an AWS-based cloud architecture that accelerates service delivery with extensive automation, integration and machine learning.

Equipped with a modern cloud foundation, the Oakland team then worked with Income Analytics executives to deliver an entirely new analytical product, taking the global real estate investment market by storm.

Helping you predict the future with intelligent forecasting and advanced AI analytics

We don’t just help you provide accurate and timely insights into the past. You need cloud architectures that help you deliver predictive analytics.

With our deep expertise in cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning, we help you shape the future through predictive analytics.

Network Rail, a long-time client of Oakland, leveraged our cloud architecture expertise to develop an intelligent forecasting solution that helps reduce Opex and increase taxpayer value for money by empowering predictive analytics across thousands of major capital initiatives.

Shine a light on the potential for cloud architecture with a Lighthouse Pilot

Given our extensive expertise with cloud architecture, our preferred approach is to help you imagine the art of the possible, with a rapid pilot or proof of concept.

These are not throwaway experiments.

Our pilots deliver immediate operational value to the business so they can fully appreciate the gains in performance and decision-making provided by cloud computing.

We typically design our client cloud architectures with open, accessible cloud technologies that are easy to maintain, extend and resource once our projects are completed.

Unlike other providers who lock you into long-term support contracts, our goal is to give you easily managed and extensible cloud infrastructures that will create the platform for continued digital transformation in your organisation.

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