ML/AI & Analytics

Organisations are experiencing exponential growth in the volume and variety of information sources they need to gather, aggregate and transform into actionable intelligence.

One of the most common data initiatives we're selected to deliver involves some aspect of data analytics consulting, typically for improved decision making and operational performance.

We increasingly find ourselves helping to transition clients away from legacy analytics platforms that can’t cope with this increased voracity for business intelligence.

Now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have matured, we’ve discovered creative ways to exploit these technologies to simplify and improve data analytics even further, enabling your teams to take the right action faster than ever before.

The Oakland Difference

There are thousands of data analytics consulting firms, so what makes us different?

Firstly, we’ve been around a long time (35 years, in fact) – we’ve seen the data and analytics trends come and go.

During the last three decades, we’ve maintained the quality and process improvement principles espoused by our founders, shaping the fabric of all our delivery teams.

We focus on the mantra of keeping it simple, which can easily be overlooked when spoilt with the plethora of functions most data analytics services have at their disposal.

But instead of dipping into the ‘dashboard cookie jar’ to create glossy charts and widgets your teams will never use, we prefer to start your analytics journey by sitting with your team ‘in the trenches’, learning exactly how your business operates and makes decisions.

Once we understand the value chains that drive your organisation, we design creative ways to leverage technologies through artificial intelligence services, machine learning and advanced data analytics consulting to make your core processes go faster, deliver greater value, and drive more accurate decision-making.

Case in point

The recent experience of client Income Analytics is a perfect example of our holistic approach.

The founders had developed an older data analytics consulting platform that was stifling company growth. Users had to perform endless manual tasks that sucked up time and frustrated customers. The reporting interface was outdated and offered limited analysis, further stifling their global expansion plans.

We started with a small pilot that began to unravel and transform their convoluted system of spreadsheets into a modern application, leveraging the cloud to create a modern platform for innovations such as machine learning and predictive analytics.

The front-end was so intuitive they were even able to provide end customers with direct access. Their global customer base now benefits from accurate intelligence underpinned by a host of third-party data suppliers and a cloud-based processing engine that delivers real-time insights throughout the day.

Since replacing their previous system, Oakland’s next-generation cloud-based analytics design has helped Income Analytics experience 500% growth in its customer base.

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Want to experience an Oakland pilot for your organisation?

It’s hard to experience the Oakland difference from the outside, so we invite you to book a call to discuss your data analytics consulting challenges and let us showcase the art of the possible.

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