Application Development

At some point, your organisation will outgrow its legacy applications and realise the need for new technology.

Perhaps you're experiencing a shift in business model, increased customer demand, growing complexity, or simply a desire to become more streamlined and profitable.

When considering a new application, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the options available, particularly with the shift to cloud-based computing.

Three decades of experience in App Development

Oakland has been helping organisations innovate new technologies for over 35 years, so we’ve had plenty of time to see beyond the ‘hype and hoopla’ of the fast-changing tech landscape.

We help you figure out precisely what it takes to deliver a truly innovative and game-changing application development solution.

Central to our approach is the need to truly listen and understand the business outcomes you’re looking to achieve through technology.

We strive to help you understand the art of the possible, drawing on over three decades of successful client projects to help inspire and guide your application’s concept and design.

Typically, we’ll bring your vision to life with a working prototype – just the thing to get everyone motivated and on the same page.

We’re mindful that as your app development takes shape, it will inevitably spark fresh ideas for enhancements and further innovation. So, instead of locking you into an iron-clad requirements contract, we plan for the build process and our team to be receptive to change – Agile is in our DNA.

Beyond the technology – planning for change

But of course, it’s not enough to create great technology; you have to manage the inevitable upheavals associated with any technological shift.

Due to our extensive background in process, project and change management, our team is not only skilled in the latest application development methodologies, but we also pride ourselves on helping you embed and orchestrate your new technology within the business.

From the initial conception and prototyping through to early beta, go-live and ongoing assurance, we obsess over aligning your new technology to the skills and culture that already exist within your organisation.

Even during these trying times of a pandemic and remote working, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our client staff make up an integral part of the delivery team and have their say at every stage.

Want to get on a call and explore further?

Why not talk to us about your application development goals on a discovery call. In complete confidence, one of our directors will contact you and discuss what you’re aiming to achieve and how Oakland will help.

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