UK Power Networks

An Oakland Group Case Study

The Challenge

UK Power Networks (UKPN) had the ambition to become a truly data-centric utility where data was treated as an essential business asset. While many in the business acknowledged the importance of data, there was no consistent view of how to create a true data culture.

Improving data governance and data management would provide a way for the organisation to understand and manage business risk, unlocking the value in data assets and enabling innovation.

How We Did It

We spoke with more than 40 senior and executive team members to gauge their understanding of data governance and management. We requested and reviewed data to assess the quality of existing documentation, and we carried out deep dives to understand how data was viewed and the impact this had on the business.

Our 4-point approach to creating a sustainable data culture

  1. We demonstrated the business case to assign suitable accountability for overall data at the highest level.
  2. We made a recommendation to create an office of the chief data officer with the power to lead and influence the board.
  3. We proposed a plan to launch key data management, enabling projects to provide data governance and data management specific tools to support the adoption of better data company-wide.
  4. We recommended reducing risk within the project portfolio by assuring the most critical active projects.

The Outcome

  • We delivered a strategic road map to improve the overall ‘data maturity’ across UKPN.
  • A clear approach to engaging the whole organisation was outlined.
  • A high-level investment case was delivered.
  • We created a set of project information documents.
  • New roles were defined along with job descriptions and accountabilities.
  • We highlighted opportunities for quick-win projects, starting small and proving value.