Improving Key Performance Indicators for An International Services Company

This International Service Company delivers outsourced services to major public and private sector clients in the UK and across the globe, with over 50,000 people working in defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen services.

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The challenge

The client commissioned a programme to accelerate existing improvement work and introduce Advanced Service Quality Planning (ASPQTM) thinking to the business with the aim to improve key performance indicators associated with service credit payments.

How we did it

We approached this project by applying the fundamental principles of advanced quality planning; engagement across the value chain; a rigorous approach to failure mode effect analysis and testing; and alignment between the on-stage and off-stage processes.

By establishing a clear link between contract penalties and the business processes that delivered these outcomes, we developed and implemented numerous small changes to improve the relevant processes. The first wave of improvements were implemented within 4 weeks, and service credit payments were eliminated within 6 weeks.

Operational staff were trained in the fundamentals of advanced quality planning and core problem solving tools and approaches, enabling them to identify and address problems on the front line.

Working with the newly developed capabilities, the service was redesigned using the ASQPTM approach. This involved: redesigning the operating model so that the support functions actively supported front-line delivery; redesigning the front-line delivery to meet customers needs and conducting failure mode analysis on all changes to ensure risks were clearly understood and mitigated before the new ways of working went live.

Business cases for long term developments and technologies were prepared, and road maps for implementation agreed. These were to enable greater ease of working and communication, better real time information and a platform for Continous improvement.

The results

  • Over £4m per year reduction in service credit payments.
  • A further £2-3m in operational savings and numerous process improvements.
  • A new business improvement function.
  • The design and execution of a new mobile working solution for field-based staff which has led to a 66% improvement in property inspections performed.
  • A new multi-level assurance framework.
  • Improvement in data quality.
  • Improved fault recording, and reporting gave operational teams and management better control over the day to day working and operational planning.


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