Acuity Robotics

An Oakland Group Case Study

The Challenge

As experts in remote data capture and robotic infrastructure inspection, the client saw the potential for this method of data collection to gain vital insights into asset condition while using more advanced analytical techniques.

We were asked to design and build a bespoke, cloud-based data and analytics platform that could collect and collate the data, then serve it securely to customers and data scientists – all while providing data quality assurance.

How We Did It

After gathering user stories from the technical and commercial teams, clients, customers and end-users, we agreed on the high-level design of the data architecture. We then began a phased build that quickly demonstrated capability to both end-users and potential investors.

Project Phases

  • Phase 1. Rapid data ingestion, storage, basic processing and application.
  • Phase 2. Delivering data science capability.
  • Phase 3. Delivering output capabilities – report generation infrastructure, automating of processes.

The platform was delivered in 10 weeks using an agile methodology, including two-week sprints, weekly progress reviews, end of sprint logs and a business analyst session to gather requirements.

The Outcome

  • Asset managers can now view infrastructure assets and assign inspections. In turn, inspectors can accept these requests, carry out inspections and create reports for the asset managers to review to ensure quality assurance.
  • The client has the ability to survey previously inaccessible and hard to reach assets.
  • The client can produce predictive maintenance schedules and monetise their data.
  • Our proprietary data insights platform provides fast, comprehensive reporting and analytics and improved asset intelligence. This means:
    • Reduced survey costs and improved quantity and quality of surveys
    • Reduced health and safety risks
    • Less infrastructure downtime