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We bring together process, governance and advanced analytics to deliver value for your business

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We bring together process, governance and advanced analytics to deliver value for your business.

What we do

What we do

Oakland is a full stack analytics, process and governance company. We don’t believe in silver bullets but we do passionately believe opportunity is at the intersection of these three things.

For over 35 years we’ve been bringing our down to earth, professional approach to create long lasting transformative change to some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

By combining our years of hard-won operational experience with the incredible possibilities offered by advanced analytics, we bring leading edge thinking to uncover valuable insights from data, solving real-world, difficult problems and driving cultural change.

We’re trusted by our clients, realising millions of pounds of ongoing opportunity. We work with many of our clients time and time again – demonstrating our value, and our ability to leave when the job is done.

Oakland helped align our technical and business teams, saving months of wasted efforts.

Sean Francis, Vodafone

Oakland’s approach to delivering transformational change has been a breath of fresh air. They helped us see the value of combining the improvement of our processes and the use of technology. They were able to cut through the noise and look to apply pragmatic solutions without the complexity.

Jenni Halliday, Contract Operations Director, COMPASS, Serco

The simplicity and effectiveness of Oakland’s approach to strategic planning is very powerful. It has delivered benefits beyond the outcomes expected and, because of its simplicity, made the communication of the strategic plan easier to plan and deliver.

Richard Harpley, EDF


It was a pleasure working with The Oakland Group on developing a framework to aggregate business data and analytics pain and opportunities across our diverse business areas. They genuinely worked with us not just for us, feeling like part of the team, which isn’t something I take for granted when using external consultants. I also appreciated how flexible and responsive they were when our requirements developed during the course of the project.

Peter Eckley, Chief Data Officer, Bank of England

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Big Data, Analytics and Statistical Process Control (SPC)

We’ve gone from having next to no data in the 20th century to so much data we don’t know what to do with it. In fact, we’re generating terabytes of the stuff. How should we effectively manage real-time applications to collect, clean and provide useable data, and then analyse it correctly to make better decisions to improve our product performance?

We answer these questions and provide guidance on the application of SPC and using tools for analysing Big Data in this downloadable content piece recently published in ‘QUASAR’ by the Research Quality Association.

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