What does advanced data analytics mean for the quality profession?

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October’s RQA Annual Conference in Manchester had the theme ‘Data and Quality’ and the big question it answered was, appropriately: ‘Is the tail wagging the dog?’  Based on a ‘technology survey’ the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) conducted, their members identified the growth of digital data, robotics and automation and real-time communication as the top three emerging technologies that will most likely impact the quality profession in the next ten years. But what does advanced data analytics mean for quality teams? Many quality professionals are clearly interested in the potential opportunities provided by new technology, but often don’t know where or how to start using it to improve their day-to-day operations.

What do data and analytics mean for quality teams?

There is a clear and present danger – quality teams in this industry, as in many others, risk being bypassed in the business led rush to gather and analyse data. The speed of change is increasing at an exponential rate and business innovation is being driven in new data led ways. Many of the traditional quality jobs (‘checking’ and assurance) could be usurped by the ability to monitor automatically ‘everything’ all of the time.

Richard Corderoy and Robert Oakland share their experiences and advice for fellow quality professionals in an attached article in the RQA magazine Quasar. Both of them have worked with large organisations to improve their quality and operational performance. Both Richard and Robert are currently working on a range of projects using data analytics to solve complex quality issues.

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