Client Testimonials

Oakland helped us in our early stages of our journey to becoming a data centric organisation. They were able to help structure our thinking and recognise where our key challenges would be. They quickly got under the skin and got to the heart of our business. They focused in on the need for a practical approach to data governance and helped to structure a programme that would help us make progress quickly.

Gary Ashby, Enterprise data & Information Architecture manager at Yorkshire Water

Oakland’s approach to delivering transformational change has been a breath of fresh air. They helped us see the value of combining the improvement of our processes and the use of technology. They were able to cut through the noise and look to apply pragmatic solutions without the complexity. This included helping us to make better use of our data for driving business decisions and highlighting key insights. Their collaborative and iterative approach enabled us to achieve value quickly, whilst maintaining an eye on our future aims.

Jenni Halliday, Contract Operations Director, COMPASS at Serco

The savings of the projects after 12 months are estimated at six times the initial investment (excluding future savings), which is an outstanding result. Such a success would not have been possible without your expertise, professionalism and availability.

Laurent Troquet, Quality Director at Sonaca

Our operations and project delivery relied on a large team of sub-contractors, but we were struggling to get them to our standards of customer service – everything from the way they looked, to how they communicated and how they completed.  Oakland not only got consistent standards, but a major sub-contractor was so impressed they asked Oakland to help them with their sub-contractors! 

Director Northern Gas Networks

It was costing us £300k a month in liquidated damages as we were not delivering on the key performance indicators. The contract was extremely challenging and we could not see our way to delivering to target.  Oakland came in and within six weeks we were down to zero liquidated damages and have now ‘saved’ £4m over the last 12 months. 

Director International outsourcing company

Heathrow is one of the most intensively used airports in the world.  How we manage asset development projects is a critical factor in keeping Heathrow open and people moving.  Oakland Consulting helped us develop a project management process that ensured consistency and clear accountability across all our projects.  They asked penetrating questions that got to the heart of issues, were great at facilitating discussions and brought everyone with them.

David Myers, Head of Quality at Heathrow Development

Oakland Consulting provide an excellent improvement skills development service based on world-class coaching – this ensures quantifiable benefits are realised and tracked.

Bill Black, Group Senior Vice President at ABB

Oakland provided valuable insights into our joint MoD-MBDA change programme, focussed on outcomes and benefits and, through distinctive resources & commitment, uniquely facilitated opportunities for early adoption/implementation of findings in parallel with the robust assessment process itself.

Keith Garden, Deputy Managing Director at MBDA

Our plan required a 15% efficiency improvement to leapfrog our competition. Oakland worked with us to ensure systems and processes were embedded into the fabric of our organisation.

Jim Brown BBC Resources

It is rare that consultants can come into such a complex and dynamic environment and deliver such value on time and in budget


Oakland differentiated themselves by excellent project management of change. Excellent relationships were established and have been maintained. “ It’s rare that you can genuinely trust a consultant”. They met the political and emotional needs of change just as well was the task. The facilitation of the executive workshops was excellent; “ the result we achieved was fantastic

Steve Hayfield EDF

Oakland has a rare talent for bridging the gulf between management theorists and business pragmatists


Oakland Consulting are accomplished facilitators who have helped Car Care Plan on our change journey with significant benefits.

Paul Newton, MD at Car Care Plan

Working with Oakland helped us to develop a more meaningful and effective structure in the collection and analysis of our data which, in turn, allowed us to focus on the high failure related costs that were present, but hidden, in our management accounting arrangements.

Phil Egan, QA & RA Director at Systagenix

£1 million saved in year one through sourcing an alternative supplier.

Client Confidential

The most inclusive consulting project we have experienced.

David Green BBC Resources

The strategic framework and stand-alone processes are excellent.

David McKinney, CQO at Pace

You have taken us light years ahead.

Roger Wotton Shell

The EADS Black Belt (EBB) programme is recognised as the EADS approach for developing performance improvement skills across all businesses, functions and organisational levels. Since its launch in 2005 Black Belt projects continuously deliver tangible benefits to the business and their number is increasing year by year.

Hans Peter Ring, CFO at EADS

Good at managing projects and working to tight timescales. Oakland demonstrated good skills in developing the teams ideas into a workable solution.

Sam Chapman Highways Agency

This was a new style of Performance Improvement Project for the National Probation Service. Oakland were flexible in approach to respond to the different needs of Areas whilst at the same time ensuring the approach was applied in a consistent way. The project was delivered to time and budget and achieved all the objectives agreed with the National Probation Directorate.

Steve Hemming, National Performance Improvement Manager at Probation Service

Oakland Consulting have provided the Agency with a very good quality and responsive service. They react positively to feedback and through their research arm have been able to provide us with access to latest thinking and developments in the improvement/organisation development fields.

Gary Elfett, Business Improvement Team Manager at Highways Agency

The simplicity and effectiveness of Oakland’s approach to strategic planning is very powerful. It has delivered benefits beyond the outcomes expected and, because of its simplicity, made the communication of the strategic plan easier to plan and deliver

Richard Harpley EDF