Manage Reliability and Recovery

Ensuring competitive advantage and customer confidence

In this highly connected world, hard-earned competitive advantages and reputation can easily slip away when customer expectations are not met.  Understanding and minimising these risks is vital to ensure customer and stakeholder confidence is maintained, along with making the right decisions in responding to a failure in the market.

Oakland's White Paper on Reliability

By strengthening reliability management, manufacturers are using extended warranty terms to drive top-line growth while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing reputation.

Extending warranty terms is proven to increase sales, but increasing underlying shareholder value means improving product reliability. It’s an important source of competitive advantage, but many firms seem reticent to fully exploit its significant potential.

While the specific strategy required depends on the company’s current position and future aspirations, the tools and techniques to deliver it are well established. Businesses need to invest to build capability in these tools and techniques so they can make positive changes and position themselves for the future.

This paper is relevant for the entire leadership team, and all those involved with reliability, at industrial manufacturers of electromechanical devices and components, where there is a real desire to enhance reliability and increase shareholder value.


We help clients:

  • Understand the impact of extending warranty periods – often in response to market demand where maintaining or gaining competitive advantage is vital
  • Measure and reduce reliability risk – ensuring products and services continue to meet the customer requirements over time and do not expose the company to risk
  • Create a blueprint for design reliability - to reduce the risk of failure before the product or service is launched, known as the “shift-left” approach (APQP and ASQP™)
  • Respond in the right way to epidemic failure – including containment, recovery, learning and prevention
We also provide a number of technical reliability analysis and services working in partnership with Reliability Solutions to bring to bear over 30 years of deep technical testing and development experience for our clients. For further details click the link below.

Understand the impact of extending warranty periods

Applying a rigorously researched and tested, proprietary approach to model the risks of extending product warranty periods

Measure and reduce reliability risk

Analysing data from failures to quantify real reliability risk and creating a plan to reduce risk and cost of dealing with potential fall-out

Create a blueprint for design reliability

Building the right approach to design reliability using principles of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Advanced Service Quality Planning (ASQP)

Respond in the right way to epidemic failure

Understanding the systemic quality issues and sources of failure to build appropriate recovery and improvement plans

It was costing us £300k a month in liquidated damages as we were not delivering on the key performance indicators. The contract was extremely challenging and we could not see our way to delivering to target.  Oakland came in and within six weeks we were down to zero liquidated damages and have now ‘saved’ £4m over the last 12 months. 


International outsourcing company

Case Studies

Pace: Reliability Improvement

Pace and Oakland Consulting worked in partnership on a phased 9 month program, working closely with an internal cross functional team to design and implement a dashboard of the current costs of quality (CoQ) within Pace and use this data to identify key areas for improvement that could deliver significant and verifiable savings.

Global Pharmaceuticals Contract Manufacturer: Improving Plant Reliability

We were engaged to rapidly increase plant reliability at the key UK site. Specific targets were a 50% decrease in breakdowns and a 50% increase in Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).