Quality and Operational Excellence

High quality products and services should be the cornerstone of any organisation, with operations delivering excellence to customers and value to the business.

We are passionate about helping clients deliver for their customers and stakeholders through:

  • Reducing cost
  • Accelerating change
  • Projecting reputation.

In recent years Oakland has worked with clients to help set the overall ‘strategy for quality’ and then realise the benefits across the entire organisation. We have often been heavily involved in the complete lifecycle of corporate governance – building effective operations to deliver management’s intent combined with effective risk and assurance regimes to build confidence that the business is delivering.

Oakland champions ‘shifting left’ thinking – deploying Advanced Product and Service Quality Planning to ensure the operation is set up to succeed. Advance Service Quality Planning (ASQP™) is a proprietary approach, developed by Oakland, that brings the rigor of product-based manufacturing to the design of services. These services range from ‘contract outsourcing’, through customer service design, to the ‘servitisation’ of manufactured products.

We recognise that things do not always go right in operational delivery, and can provide more tactical interventions to reduce the volume of failures faced by customers and to quickly turn the underlying processes around.

Set direction and Plan for Quality

Quality Planning acts as the agenda to ensure that all key activities are consistently delivered right first time, every time, by setting the direction, planning it, and making it a reality through to deployment.


Improve Operational Performance

Helping clients improve the three aspects of operational performance – Quality, Cost and Delivery - simultaneously, by pursuing the right Operational Excellence strategy.


Manage Reliability and Recovery

Understanding and minimising the risks of service or product failure is vital to ensure customer and stakeholder confidence is maintained, along with making the right decisions in responding to a failure in the market.