How we've helped our Manufacturing clients

We have helped manufacturing clients with a range of issues including reducing the cost of poor quality, improving skills and competencies, ensuring process control and managing the supply chain and work environment. We helped large and complex manufacturers to:

  • Develop a global improvement project to save £17 million in by reducing excessive warranty costs
  • Reduce the cost of poor quality from 1.9% to 1.2% of sales
  • Significantly increase the skills and competencies of employees to ensure on-going savings could be made through continual improvement.
  • £22 million reduction identified in global operating costs (40 x ROI)

Tackling the cost of poor quality in terms of impact on profit and risk to reputation is one of the key challenges for manufacturers competing in today’s market. This is especially true as more and more organisations outsource their manufacture to low cost economies. Oakland Consulting can help your organisation to ensure on-time, on-cost, on-quality delivery whether you are manufacturing in-house or outsourcing to new suppliers.

Our manufacturing clients include Mitie, Paradigm, Borealis, Pace, ABB, EADS, Nissan, Zobele, Fairchild USA, LBBC

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The strategic framework and stand-alone processes are excellent.

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Case Studies

Complex global manufacturer: Improving the introduction of new products

The repeated failure of new product introductions had started to threaten the organisation’s reputation which, in turn, was putting their growth plans at risk. Oakland was commissioned to assess the current level of quality maturity across the entire organisation and then support company-wide improvement activity.

Global Manufacturer - real world quality improvement

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Pace: Reliability Improvement

Pace and Oakland Consulting worked in partnership on a phased 9 month program, working closely with an internal cross functional team to design and implement a dashboard of the current costs of quality (CoQ) within Pace and use this data to identify key areas for improvement that could deliver significant and verifiable savings.

Industrial equipment manufacturer: Recovering from early life product failures

The client has a strategic ambition to grow a larger range of its products. The design envelope of these products has been stretched and therefore they experience more quality issues than the smaller product ranges. Oakland were asked to initially assess the way quality is managed across the business, and then implement a programme to transform quality performance, to enable the desired growth and reduce the total cost of quality.

MDBA | Enhancing Transformational Change

To assess the work of the Joint Transformation Programme to enhance the development of new products through joint working with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) customer.

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