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How we've helped our Defence & Aerospace clients

Oakland Consulting has been providing sustained improvement and value for over 25 years to a broad range of clients in Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space. Clients include Airbus, Eurocopter, Cassidian, Astrium, MBDA, BAE systems and others for which our team of highly experienced specialists have worked globally, including China, USA and Europe delivering a range of activities that support Business and Operational Excellence. These have included:

  • Accelerating Change - Rapid On-Time, On-Quality improvements through transformation, effective relationshipsand culture
  • Effective collaboration - with partners to promote common understanding and expectations
  • Optimising supply - chain to reduce risks and protect stakeholder delivery commitments
  • Reducing Costs - addressing root causes, typically by reducing process waste and variation ...helping the ADS sector deliver substantial savings and efficiency gains Protecting Reputation - identifying and assessing business risks and developing processes to reduce exposure and impact ... particularly in the supply chain during accelerated changes in demand.

Our successes include:

  • Training in excess of 4,500 employees in various business units to deliver enhanced on-time, on-quality, on-cost delivery in processes ranging from finance, HR, IT, procurement, quality, facilities, marketing and customer services to manufacturing and design
  • Coaching employees to deliver audited annual benefits in excess of Euro 175 million at a rate of >Euro 500K  per project
  • Improving the claims process yielding audited savings of Euro 1.6 million
  • Supporting the development of a new programme forecast to make Euro 300 million annual contribution

The current climate remains challenging for the ADS sector with a need to reduce costs, be more responsive, develop closer relationships with customers and partners, to deliver through-life service excellence and to operate in a multitude of territories.

However, Oakland are confident that all this can be successfully overcome and believe that the experience gained from a broad range of sectors from over 30 years of experience is the reason why Oakland has successfully gained a reputation as a trusted advisor


Our defence & aerospace expert

Rod ScottPartner

The savings of the projects after 12 months are estimated at six times the initial investment (excluding future savings), which is an outstanding result. Such a success would not have been possible without your expertise, professionalism and availability.

Laurent Troquet

Quality Director


Case Studies

Astrium: On-Time On-Cost Improvement

EADS Astrium at CASA-Espacio focused one of its improvement projects on the process of commercialising the company’s reflectors, components used in telecommunications satellites. The objective was to gain competitive advantage by reducing lead times and production costs in order to become more competitive and gain market share. This required a review of the entire end-to-end process from engineering to production. At the start of the project the standard delivery time stood at approximately 15 months and the production costs needed a major reduction.

MDBA | Enhancing Transformational Change

To assess the work of the Joint Transformation Programme to enhance the development of new products through joint working with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) customer.

ABB: Quality & Operational Excellence

Oakland was assigned to support the mobilization of the ABB Operational Excellence Programme and develop the necessary internal capabilities and programme infrastructure ready for global deployment, in timescales that supported the achievement of the 2010 improvement targets.