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Oakland’s Lean50™
Our Lean50™ projects typically cost £50k and generate a return of 15 times your investment. The approach is applicable across many different sectors and departments within businesses. We have adapted the often hidden elements of a Lean system in a ground-breaking way so they deliver real benefit outside the traditional high-volume manufacturing environment.

Our clients are blue chip companies, who we’ve helped deliver outstanding results:

  • We worked with PACE to define and manage a series of improvement projects that identified £22m reduction in operating costs: > 40 x ROI
  • We helped Yorkshire Water (Loop) reduce costs by 39% (£1.2m) by reducing the number of billing calls generated due to poor processes: > 12 x ROI
  • We’ve built a sustainable capability for EADS to drive down costs and improve quality, resulting in €164m savings to date: >15 x ROI.

“Oakland has delivered benefits far beyond the expectations of the original project” EDF

“It is rare that people can come into such a complex and dynamic environment and deliver such value on time and in budget” Shell
The results will give you clear direction and a pragmatic plan to achieve the quality, cost and delivery outcomes you need, with the implementation of early changes where appropriate, supported by a data driven business case.

For example, in a series of short interventions, we have:

  • Delivered savings of €670k in sales support
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times from 42 to 18 days
  • Identified savings of $4.3m in a bank’s back office processing
  • Realised savings of 40% of operational payroll costs
  • Identified a 20% reduction (£15m) in the operating costs of a broadcasting operation.

Our  Lean50™ approach is innovative and results focused. It pragmatically balances the need for short-term results with the desire for ongoing sustainability and continuous improvement. It is a discrete, stand-alone package of work that develops your capability and delivers real value without creating numerous reasons why the team should carry on with further work.

The approach is based around Oakland’s Lean maturity framework. This helps you understand how the purpose, process and people elements of your business are working, and shows you where to focus your valuable energy to achieve the results you need.

Oakland is uniquely able to help your business thrive through the delivery of a Lean50TM project:
We deliver results – Our clients achieve an average ROI exceeding 15 to 1, payback usually in the 1st year
We provide true experts – Who hit the ground running and provide pragmatic solutions, not a team of juniors with checklists
We bring leading edge thinking – Continually updated through our research and education division
We leverage our 25 years experience – working with our clients,  so that you are positioned to carry on the work when we move on.


If you’d like to find out how Oakland can help you deliver more with less, then contact us and one of our Lean experts can explain how we can tailor a scope of work that’s right for you.