Rod Scott

Rod is a seasoned operational improvement consultant helping companies to improve the quality, cost and delivery of products and services. He does this by working with business leaders and employees throughout organisations, sharing their passion and their frustrations, helping the former overcome the latter.  He works as both mentor and consultant, really understanding the personal issues faced by clients.  His usual starting place is to understand what the customer values, document this and look at how it is delivered, streamlining the end to end processes.Rod works with a wide range of clients from global multi-nationals to family owned businesses, and with public and third sector organisations. His view on operational improvement is:

  • Simple works. Fix the basics before you worry about the clever stuff
  • Customer value must be at the centre of all improvement activity
  • Quality, cost and delivery are inextricably linked
  • Changing how people think is the key. Tools and techniques can follow
  • Aim for perfection, but not in one shot. On-going continuous improvement can always be greater than the first ‘big bang’

Projects where Rod adds value include:

  • Extended supply chains – managing risk throughout second, third and fourth tiers of suppliers
  • Managing contract terms throughout the business to meet customer KPIs
  • Frameworks for collaborative working
  • Management information to deliver improvement

Rod’s early career was working globally in automotive and aerospace in a number of multi-national and line management roles.  He has a Master’s degree in Advanced Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Bristol University.