World Wide Energy Provider: Strategy Deployment


The client was the £1bn turnover, UK division of a multi-billion pound world-wide energy provider. They provide essential services to domestic and business customers in an increasingly competitive market and under stringent regulatory demands. In this business environment reputation is crucial and fiercely guarded.


Following a business merger, Oakland was asked to assist the management team in developing a new strategic plan and deploying the plan which affecting everything from market strategy to operational performance improvements.


The project was divided into three phases:

  • understanding the current businesses,
  • developing the new strategic plan and
  • validating this plan with the complex web of stakeholders.

In the first phase, the senior management team developed a revised Vision and Mission, identified the factors critical to business success, agreed a set of core organisational values and drafted a core process framework. A wider team of managers in a workshop environment then verified this work by collecting a variety of baseline data including market segment attractiveness and business strengths, key process performance, organisational metrics and financial performance.

Two of Oakland’s frameworks were used to structure the work:


In the second phase, teams of mangers developed the strategic options and through a series of workshops, made strategic choices and developed implementation plans.

In the final phase, groups of stakeholders were engaged in understanding and validating the plan, during which many enhancements were made. The leadership team were then prepared for the task of implementing the plan by analysing and developing their approach to leadership, as individuals and as a group.


The new business plan has been accepted by all key stakeholders and has attracted the necessary resources including funding. The plan has the potential to provide c. 20% reductions in overheads and deliver a profitable growth plan adding 33% to the revenue line and 86% improvement in profits. The first phase of organisational re-structuring has been completed. The new top 75 team (the 75 most senior managers) have been engaged in further developing and implementing the change plan