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Big data

5 lessons I’ve learnt from Big Data LDN

I attended my latest ‘data’ conference last week, getting a pass from the team to go to ‘Big Data London’. Given this was my first time at Big Data LDN (not London!) I didn’t really know what to expect, so the things I walked away with are perhaps not news to some, but they are […]


Why should CEOs care about the CQI Competency Framework?

I am privileged to be running elements of the ‘CQI Masterclass’ programme and at a recent workshop we developed an interesting way of communicating the new CQI Competency framework to those outside of our profession. In fact, why should a CEO care that we even have a new competence model? Quite simply, the CEO needs […]


Does Lord Adonis have a wide enough brief to speed up infrastructure?

How, and where, to invest in the UK’s infrastructure is rarely out of the news.  Despite the pressing and obvious need for investment projects such as new rail links, power generation and runway capacity, these decisions take years to approve and are often, but not always, late and over budget. Reconciling the long term benefits […]


There are no prizes for the first wrong answer

Our instincts are important to us and this importance grows as we become more senior. We all build a model of ‘how things work’ and continually update it as our experience grows. Unfortunately it is very easy to be selective with how we update this vision of the business: We become selective – only adding […]