About Oakland

The Oakland Institute

The Oakland Institute is the research and education division of Oakland Consulting. We work in strategic partnership with leading business schools across the world to provide a rigorous, yet pragmatic and highly adaptable approach that embeds real change within organisations through the application of both leading edge and established knowledge and skills.

The Oakland Institute will inspire and stimulate your thinking

Every organisation is different. Every organisation is unique. Our turnkey approach to organisational and individual development, built on our solid foundations of research and specialist expertise, provides a tailored approach that will support your own individual route map to organisational transformation.

Organisations transform through the capabilities of their people. The Oakland Institute enables organisational transformation by building this capability through a unique blend of:

  • Research – The Oakland Institute conducts pragmatic, real world research dedicated to the development of management thinking and organisational learning, and publishes the findings worldwide
  • Specialist Expertise – The Oakland Institute prides itself on being at the frontiers of knowledge and leading edge thinking, and we are actively involved with a number of leading business schools in Europe, the USA and the Far East
  • Organisational and Individual Development – The Oakland Institute designs, develops and delivers a broad range leadership, management and personal development programmes, in both the public and private sectors, that develop the capability that enables organisational transformation.