About Oakland

Oakland Group uses Quality, Operational Excellence, and Data and Analytics approaches to solve the hardest and most stubborn problems in our clients’ businesses. We are disrupting the marketplace by combining established Lean / Six Sigma with advanced analytics whilst using an agile approach to introduce APQP into new product and service environments.

We typically help organisations:

  • Solve real-world, messy problems, with data. We are outcome-led analysts using an agile approach to solve problems that result in sustainable changes
  • Design products and services that deliver consistently what customers want. Using the methods and techniques of advanced quality planning to design ‘right first-time’ products and services
  • Build operational systems that thrive in a world of continual change. Integrating the measurement and management of behaviours into the design of business systems and processes.

We do this by addressing the whole operational ecosystem aligning the processes, the data, the systems and the people to create sustainable change. We work across the private and public sectors, for clients facing complex operational and supply chain challenges.

We are independent and offer tailored solutions rather than pure off-the-peg methods. We share a belief and general approach but look at each and every client’s situation as a singular, unique challenge, measuring our success against the positive benefit we provide to you.

Our quality policy